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Joti Jot Diwas Sri Guru Ramdas Ji

21 August 2020 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm SMT

Today marks the Joti Jot of Sri Guru Ram Das Ji – The Saviour of Contentment and The Embodiment of Love for AlmightyBelow is the narration of Sri Guru Ram Das Ji’s preparations of Joti Jot and the last sermons that were given by Guru Ji to His beloved Sikhs and Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji, before merging into His formless form.Baba Buddha Ji and some Sikhs talked to Guru Ji all night long, no one slept, and all knew Guru Ji was going to merge in his formless form. After midnight, Guru Ji then called Bibi Bhani Ji and all other Sikhs and all sat next to Guru Ji.Guru Ji then took his bath in the Baoli Sahib and then the singing Almighty’s praises (Kirten) started by Asa Dhi Vaar and other shabads. All sat in the true congregation (sadh Sanggat) and enjoyed the melodies and inspiring kirtan while Guru Ji sat in semadhi (meditation).All the other people came after hearing about Guru Ji; Asa Dhi Vaar was completed by dawn. Guru Ji folded his hands bowed and said “My dear Sikhs, listen, you are all the beloved Sikhs of Guru Nanak, do remember Waheguru at all times and get liberated, my days have arrived and I shall merge into my formless form. Guru Nanak Dev ji, Guru Angad Dev Ji, Guru Amar Das Ji and the fourth-physical form was mine. The fifth Guru, is Guru Arjan Dev Ji, think of this five Gurus as one form although the physical form changes. The Guru will always be with you in this world as well as the next world and He will carry the weight of all. Whoever thinks of harming a Guru will be entangled in pains throughout the entire life and after.” Then Guru Ji spoke to Baba Mohan and Baba Mohri Ji, “You are the most wise ones in understanding the principals of the Guru and have always obeyed your father’s orders. Think of Guru Arjan Dev ji as me. Give him the support and be with him. Remember him always and do not forget him.” Hearing this Baba Mohri Ji hold Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s hand and put on his head and said “When Guru Amar Das Ji ordered me, I have obeyed all. You are Guru Ram Das Ji, the most respected and now whoever that you place on the throne to take care of the world, we shall all praise him just as how we all have praised you, I have this faith”Guru Ram Das Ji said “Dear Mohri Ji , you are great.” Guru Ji then looked at Guru Arjan Dev ji and said “The Pool of Nectar (Amrit Sarovar) is my body, please continue and complete the construction full heartedly, this sarovar will become very famous in the world and this sarovar will liberate and visitors will be blessed with all happiness without any discrimination. This was the advice given to me by Guru Amar Das Ji and this advice is the cause of happiness for all of us. Construct steps in the pool of nectar at all four sides and keep it clean at all times. The pool should be clean so that it may look like a mirror from the sky. This is how the house of Almighty should look like. Keep this advice in your mind and please give priority to the construction of this place” Guru Arjan Dev ji hearing this folded his hands “the doer and all is within your command, I will always make sure and be involved in the construction, till my last breath I shall perform this service, with your blessing I shall keep serving the world, please give me the support and always bless me.” Guru Ram Das Ji was so happy to hear this and said “You will be very suitable for all this service (sewa).” Saying this, Sri Guru Ram Das Ji left his body and merged into His formless form.Guruship of Sri Guru Ram Das Ji -DATE OF GURUSHIP – 29th September 1574 A.D. at Goindwaal Sahib(3 days before Guru Amardas Ji, Jothi Joth)Bhadron Sudhi 13, 1631 (Bikermi)AGE AT GURUSHIP – 40 Years 1 month 26 days TOTAL AGE – 47 years 16 dayTIME AT GUR GADHI – 6 years 11 months 20 days

Sri Guru Nanak Sat Sang Sabha

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