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Bhadon Sangrand

16 August 2020 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm UTC

Bhadon (sometimes written as “Paadao”) is a sixth month in the Nanakshahi calendar. The first day falls on August 16. This month coincides with August/September of the Western/Georgian/Julian Calendar and is 31 days long. Sawan and Bhadon form the rainy season. Rain has come after the very hot month of Harh which is considered the hottest month of the year. So Bhadon is considered a very pleasant month with rain and bearable heat in the Punjab, India.
The Guru tells us that the the month of Sawan (July/August) and Bhadon (August/September): “The rainy season is beautiful; the months of Saawan and Bhaadon bring bliss. The clouds are low, and heavy with rain; the waters and the lands are filled with honey. God is all-pervading everywhere; the nine treasures of the Lord’s Name fill the homes of all hearts…” (p 928) and also “…The lakes and fields are overflowing with water; the rainy season has come – the time to celebrate! In the dark of night it rains; how can the young bride find peace? The frogs and peacocks send out their noisy calls. Pri-o! Pri-o! Beloved! Beloved! cries the rainbird, while the snakes slither around, biting. The mosquitoes bite and sting, and the ponds are filled to overflowing; without the Lord, how can she find peace? O Nanak, I will go and ask my Guru; wherever God is, there I will go. ||10|| ” (p1108)

Sri Guru Nanak Sat Sang Sabha

17 Wilkinson Road
Singapore, SG 436673 Singapore
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